Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mom Brought Home A New Man!!!

Hi, Cecil here:

Mom bwought home a new MAN today, and I do not know hows I feel about it!  First, it was OK..he walked up those stairs..I was sitting at the top like I always do..we went nose to nose...and he smelt pwetty good.
Then, later, wees were in the bedroom and that guy SNEEZED so loud,  that it scared me and I had to show him who is BOSS!  I got all fluffy, hissed, growled and chased that woofer all over the house.
Mom was not very happy,  but I showed him!

His name is Hutch. What kinda name is that..wees starts with C's  wound here!  I will give him a chance but he better node that  I am the MAN around this here house!

King of this Casa!

Mr Hutch..he wears that pink thing..weal manly.. HA HA!

I am putting the evil eye on him!
He's watching boxing with Dad..the commentator is speaking in Spanish.
Haha, they should have brought home Paco, the Chiuaua, 'cuz  nobody
understands Spanish here!
I guess I will go in the bedroom with my Mom, she will watch Animal Planet!


  1. Woooohoooooooo! Moma is smiling SO BIG her smile stretches from ear to ear! You show him who's the Man of the House, Cecil, but try your best to make him feel at least a little welcome there so he can stay. We promise you ... he'll be a great family member. Since he's not chasing YOU around the house ... that must mean that he's not gonna treat you like a wind up stuffie!

    We have to say .... he looks pretty doggoned comfortable (and VERY cute) sitting there with your dad watching boxing. That's a Man thing, we're told.

    Oh .... Moma has been waiting for this news! All paws are crossed that you all get along! We have a feeling that Hutch (Clutch? hehehe) would gladly let you keep the official title of The Man of the House. You can be the CatMan. You've already got a HuMan. And he can be the DogMan. Sounds good to us!

    Sleep tight tonight!
    Jake and Fergi
    (and ... keep us posted!)

  2. Cute doggie, you guys! I think Scarlett would like to come and live with you too....jejeje. She knows a little espanol, which would come in handy.
    Love, Lisa & the gang

  3. @ Lisa..You can send Scarlett here any time but Cecil might think she is a mousie!

    @ Jake and Fergie, thanks for all your support and we will keep you posted on our progress. Tonight has been quiet..we are all keeping our paws crossed.

  4. OMC !!! Mr Hutch is a woofie !!!!!
    This is really tough situation, You two must stuck together to handle this guy !

    Good Luck

  5. Cecil, it sounds like you showed that Hutch who was in charge around there. Got to keep your place as head man, that is for sure. He is kind of cute and maybe he can become a friend. We like our doggies. Take care.

  6. Hi! We are friends of Jake and Fergi, they sent us here to welcome Hutch to your family and to thank you two catses for being tolerant. I am thinking you also have a "special wire" if he has not tried to eat a cat yet.

    Gussie and Teka

  7. Oh are a studmuffin, my dear...and that Hutch...(Lacie rolls her eyes....)

    Oh...let us introduce ourselves...we are friends of Jake and Fergs...

    We live in Pittsburgh, PA...

    Stan is an Airedale...

    Scruffy is a moron er WFT...he's Mumsie's third Foxie Wire...he has a tennis ball instead of a brain.

    And I am a dear sweet little Lakeland terrier and rule the house. Do not believe what you hear about the size of my derriere in blogland...I'm petite...others are just jealous.

    So we have our paws crossed that you kitties and that Hutch will get need to meet Butchy and Katie...two wire foxies from Iowa...they live with a bunch of indoor cats...

    Welcome and it's a pleasure to meet you!!

    Terrier kisses,

    Scruffy, Stanley and Miss Lacie Teacakes

  8. Whew!!! For a moment I was afraid your Mom was out "catting around" MOL!!!!
    Hutch is a cutie but I agree...tell him to lose the pink collar!

  9. Cooeeee kitties! I've wigged my wag over to meet you pretty kitties. I'm Eric from over the Big Pee,a friend of Jake and Fergie.

    I'm a wiry wily foxy dude like Hutch. Xcept I don't wear pink. I favour orange but I could rock a pink collar tell Hutch, nothing wrong with embracing your feminine side.

    Anyways I live with my bro' a Russian Blue indoor kittie, he's the boss just like you are Mr Cyril. Chases me too. Sigh. Sounds like you will all get along just fine.

    Happy new home Hutch. Wagging to meet you all!

    Wiry ones Eric xx