Monday, April 25, 2011

Mellow Monday

Hi,  it's me Chloe,

We's hopes you have a purrfect week! We's played hard wit our new feather so today we's will welax!

Somebody made a tunnel!
Dats my brofurr, Cecil
Me stand guard so Mom don't make da bed!


  1. Mellow Mondays with unmade beds AND gray cloudy misty skies. Perfect!

    Enjoy your nap and cuddles.
    Jake and Fergs

  2. Oh such cute pictures! And Chloe it is so sweet of you to make sure your mom isn't going to make the bed with Cecil in there!

  3. Chloe you are doing an excellent job guarding the bed!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. What a super tunnel and how nice of you to guard the bed Chloe, so the Mom doesn't disturb Chloe. You two are the very best.

  5. Very Nice of you, Chloe : )
    Now Cecil can have a nice nap ! Don't you want one ? I can do guard for you, Sweety Cecil !

  6. OMC you have the CUTEST BLOG!! How did I not know about you? I think Cecil is a wonderful guard! Your babies are so cute!
    Cody and I are now your newest followers and we are sooooo pleased to meet you! Thank you for visiting Dakota's blog and for having us on your blog list! You are now on ours! xoxo