Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's Tail's

Mom here:

My two fur babies are such picky eaters, it drives me CRAZY!!!

Maybe I have done this to them. I've tried every brand of canned food, only to have them stick their cute little noses up, try to cover it up with tile, and prance away!

All this, after they seemed to like it the day before!

I have paid anywhere between 59 cents to $1.25 a can, only to have the same results. Luckily, Chloe eats mostly dried food but she drinks more water than Cecil.  Cecil, on the other hand, does not drink enough water so the wet food is important for his man parts. What's a girl to do?

Hubby came up with the perfect idea. He bought Bonita flakes and stirred it into their food. The first day they both gobbled up their food.  Day two, same thing, clean bowls!

Now, I am afraid, the newness is wearing off!

Cecil here:

I weally like the flakes!

Yummy Goodness!

Now,  I eat Chloe's!

Now, I leeb.  You can't fool me,  I picked out all the flakes!

We will leeb you wit dis,

Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.
William James


  1. Hmmm. Maybe some doggie competition would help? Or not?

    Just a thought! (Actually, we're teasing. We are two completely different eaters. Fergi'll eat anything anytime. I'm a much lighter eater, and, consequently, Moma has to pick up my food till I'm good and ready. But she does switch out some sprinkled or stirred in temptations ... parmesan cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken broth, salmon skin) Do kitties like those things?

    Now we're hungry.
    Jake and Fergs

  2. what are "bonita flakes?" I have never heard of them.
    I also have to tell you Shawn that it didn't dawn on me til today that THIS IS YOU!!!!!
    Love it!!!!
    So glad to see that Cecil and Chloe have their own blog! xoxoxo

  3. @ Two Special Wires, Yep, maybe a little doggy competition would spice thugs up!

    @ Caren and Cody, Bonita flakes are just that..flakes of yummy goodness, made by a company called Cat-man-doo. Cecil and Chloe just love them, we bought them at a Doggie Boutique. The website is

  4. HaHaHaHa spice Things up..heck we do not need any spicy Thugs!

  5. Oh my, maybe you need to be fed fresh tuna & prawns!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. thanks for the info! Not sure if Cody can have them due to his allergies...gotta say I LOVE the name of the website! Thanks!