Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel day Friday!

We wanted you to know that we be off to Lubeland tomorrow!

We have to get in that carrier thingy and Daddy will dwibe us there, Mom comes after work. 
Wats worse..Mom and her Bluegrass, or Dad and his talk wadio?
It will be a long ride to Lubeland and we will voice our displeasure all the way!!!

Mom will probably go into the DT'S because there is only dial-up internet. So, if you feel the earth shaking you will know it is just our Mom!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Have a good trip! Your mom and dad won't need the radio because you two will be serenading them!

  2. Do you have a cool kitty tree in Lubeland? (Hey! You are getting closer and closer to OurGirl! Or are you?)

    Enjoy your weekend! See ya later.
    Jake and Fergi and OurMoma

  3. Greetings, Jake and Fergi sent me over to say mieow. You have my sympathy - I hate travelling as well.

  4. Wow, you two, what cruel peoples you have! I scream too when they put me in the PTU, the Prisoner Transport Unit that they call a carrier so as it doesn't sound so bad, but then my human takes me out for a cuddle and I stop singing. You can't sing when you're purring, you see. Thanks for sending your people over to comment on my human's post. She says she would have come away with kittens too if she wasn't waiting on another little Persian to add to our family, and if she wasn't trying to get kittens inside of me. We'll be keeping one of thos too probably, you see. She loved them all though.

  5. Wow, a trip could be fun, or could be bad, but we hope it is good! We hope that your mom doesn't shake the earth too much!!

  6. I hope you had a great weekend and thanks for your purr for Precious!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I promise you the next one will be funny and cute like most of them are. Hope you got some "games" to keep you busy in the car.