Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day two with The Woffie!

Hi, Cecil hewe:

OK, maybe I was wong! Nope can't say dat;  I am nevew wong, just not always wight!
Dat Hutch guy, might be okie dokey..I'am just saying!  I decided to leab him alone today and it's bean pwetty quiet awound dis hewe pawts!

Luckily, he left with Mom and Dad fow a few houws..and wes had the whole house to ouwselves..boy was dat a bweath of fwesh samons!

Mom here:

Today has been very quiet, only two hisses from  Cecil! We took Hutch to the Dog Park and he had a great time playing fetch and marking every bush, post, fence and blade of grass he could find.
First day at the park.
Where's a magazine when ya need one?
Pretty funny..right in front of the sign.
Two of my boys, playing fetch!
After the park, we went to Pet Smart for cat litter. Well, you can't leave there without a toy, or two!

He can really make this squeak!
I am still watching!


  1. It looks like Hutch is getting mighty comfortable!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. OK, Cecil. We're here to tell ya: If they're bringing home dog toys with the dog, we're guessing this little square dog might be movin' in for a while! Do you realize there're advantages in this for you? You and Chloe can become some of the Elite Felines of the World that have provided concrete data that cats and wires can peacefully co-exist (we're not ALL cross-wires!) You might like his food. He might like your litterbox. You might like the moving (and unsuspecting) target. He might warm up good snoozing spots for you.

    We hear stories all the time about Moma's first wirey one (Kizzy) and the Himalayan kitty that came to be her (Kizzy's) best friend. Picture a big fuzzy grey and white dust mop getting drug around the kitchen floor (in a mutually enjoyed way) and you'll get the idea of what it was like. This really could end up being a VeryGoodThing. We hope so, anyway.

    (Keep the pictures coming!)
    Jake (who loves Ruby, one of Butchy and Katie's cats) and Fergi (who loves everybody, given enough time)

  3. That's pretty bad situation !!!
    I feel so sorry for you but I got no idea what you should do.
    If you can't beat him, Might have to join him, I guess

  4. Yes, the Two Special Wires are correct..there are numerous wires in blogland who coexist with you it!! Our hooman sissy has three cats...we um well Scruffy and Stan weren't here, but Scruffy and Cordie did do a bit of chasing and there was that unfortunate incident with him swallowing one of those fake mice...he threw it up a week many scientific studies to pursue.

    Um, my brothers tell Hatch that they might hafta get a pink harness...I bet he is so a chick magnet...DOES HE DATE???????????


    Miss Lacie Teacakes and her Stoopid Brothers

  5. Hello you cute kitties! Thanks for visiting us - any friend of Marg's is a friend of ours :)

    Hutch looks like a cute dog, but we can imagine how difficult it is to deal with them all the time!

  6. Sounds like maybe the doggie might be all right but don't let your guard down. Keep up a little hissing just to keep Hutch in line. He has to know that you are still the bosses. Take care.