Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday's Tail's

Hi Cecil here:

It's been a few days since we's been on the 'puter.   Mom said the hard drive is sick and we have to take it to the hospital. We's were going to do dat today but it is raining and pouring outside!

Instead, we will get cached up on the last week, dat is if the 'puter doesn't die!

Ok, wheres to start?  Oh, Winston met Lucy last week! Gosh, another woffie in the house was more then I could stand but Winston thought she was Okey Dokey!
I will stay right here until one of them leaves!
Dat's Lucy
Dat's Erin ( da IronWoman) and Emma ( da Dancer) they're Lucy's Peeps.
Them's  meeting Winston for da first time!
What's she whispering in his ear?

After they left, we's went to Lubland for da weekend! Boy, did we's have some fun there running up and down the stairs.  Also, I climbed on top of the cabinets but Mom was too slow dis time for the flashy box, but she had a picture from a different time to showed you.

Dat's Winston..remember him?
HeHe... Looked at Chloe's tail, what's she looking at?
Can you see Winston..When mom doesn't looked,  I walk on dat rail!
She gets mad,  cuz  I falled and Chloe did too.
I lub da house in Lubland! 
Bet nobody can see me!  Next, I will climb to the very top.

Chloe likes dis spot so she can watch Bird TV..all day long.
We's hoped you are having a good week!

Fur now, we's will leave you with dis:

Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers' gardens.
Douglas Jerrold


  1. Glad Winston liked Lucy. Looks like you two kitties like that place with all the stairs. That sure looks like a fun place. Hope all of you have a fun rest of the day.

  2. We like stairs too...we are just dogs, but we play zoomies up and down. I think we would like your house in Loveland too.


  3. Your house looks great and no wonder you like it. RThe woofies look like ok woofies too.. Hugs GJ x

  4. this was just great! OMG you made me laugh with "Iron Woman" and the "Dancer" you silly woman!

    I am glad to see that Winston is making himself right at home! He should! He lives there!
    Cecil how did you ever get up on the shelf like that!!??? I love it!

  5. Nice perch ya got there Chloe and Winston! My Siamese thinks you are the cat's meow.