Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday Madness!

Boy, have wees been busy!  Wees don't even noose where da stawt!

Fwiday Dad, and Winston, came down to the Condo. Wees don't want to admit it, but wees did miss da 'lil guy! Mom took him for da walkies awound da lake while we stayed home so Dad could give us some extra special loving!
Winston,  always sniffing!

He liked this birdie..wished wees wewe there!

Such a cute family
After the walks awound da lake, wees visited with Winston.

See me, I stalk him!

Satuwday wees went to Lubland for da weekend!

Getting ready for da ride!
The fiwst thing, Mom and Dad took Winston to the doggie pawk so wees could have some peace and quiet.  The stowy goes like dis:

Winston was being a pain in the Butt at the pawk. He was gwowling and snippy wit da udder dogs! Mom told him he had to be good, or they would have to leave. Guess what Winston did...he peed on hew leg!!!  All da other humans laughed and so did Mom! One guy says "Boy, he sure told you!

Boy, he was da bad boy but he settled down fow da west of the weekend.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad gave him a bath because he was STINKY!!  Mom says he did pwetty good and sure did smell bettew!

Then they took him to his berry fiwst Festival in Old Town Fort Collins. He had a good time but so did we  staying home watching Birdie TV!
Such a good boy!
The Music Maker
Dad weally liked the festival because thewe wewe soooo many Belly Dancews!  He thought they wewe pwetty cute!

I gotta Banana!!
Big Sun Puddle!

Goodbye fow now!!!!


  1. Dear kitties,

    Even though I am a woofie, I think you look like fery handsome kitties. My mumma thinks the kitty at my house is hansdome, but I just think he is stinky. My mumma & I had fun reading some of your posts.

    Woofs & nose licks from Ruger

  2. Hey...y'all gotta explain to that Winston fellow that it is simply not done to pee on the legs of the hooman family members. That can truly piss them off.


  3. We had a Welsh Terrier that peed on the dog obedience instructor the first day of class! It was just went from bad to worse, he flunked out of class after just a few lessons. That was years ago! But we never forgot.....such a bad dog! Hopefully Winston will not make a habit of going potty on folks! But he is a Wonderful Wire Fox Terrier! Such a cutie!

  4. HeeHee Winston! Gee, y'all sure have been busy!!!

  5. Hahaha! Winston was a little bit notty!

    I'm with you, better to stay home with a catnip bananner.

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog! I am so happy Winston will be entering the contest! Lots of luck! You have a very handsome furry family and we are now new followers! Come back and visit us again soon! Have a great Memorial Day holiday!