Monday, May 16, 2011

We finally have the 'puter back!

Hi, Wees are all here this morning!
Mom finally got the 'puter back but it still isn't working right and it may have to go back for an extended stay in da hospital.
Mom is not very happy about that because she bought an Apple thinking she wouldn't have any problems..HaHaHa! Now, less than a year later, we have a messed up mess!

Wees decided to have our say now before this 'puter blows up!

Did ya have a good weekend? We sure did!

Hi, it's me Winston,

Fiwst Mom says to tell you it's ten in da morning and she has not hit the wine will understand when youse see da video of me watching da Animals Planets! Mom was laughing so hawd dat she forgets to turn da flashy box awound. Please dont's hurt your necks when youse watch it!
We's hoped you didn't hurt youse neck! Did ya hear the puppies crying? Well, I sure did!

Today is a lazy day..some call it Mancat Monday so Cecil is just laying in the sun puddles!

Awww, splendor in da sun!
Hi, it's me Cecil!

A guy just wants to relax, in his own sun puddle, and what happens but that stoopid woffie wants to go nose to nose!

Geeshhhhh, I am trying to take a nap!
I am weally trying to be patient with him but he's not too smart! Mom puts some kind of stinky brown stuff in his toy and he will play for da longest time trying to get it out..Are You Kidding undignified!
Sees him! Geeshhhh, Give It UP!
I'd bettew let Chloe put her two centsas in before this 'puter bites da dust!

Hi, it's ME, Chloe!

Cecil tinks he has da problems...I am da only girl..Putting up wit da mens is not dat easy. Oh, Cecil tinks hes so smart, He got in Moms cupboard...AGAIN!!!!  Man, can't youse learns when she says NO, she means dat!

He looks innocent!

Da boy never listens!
Anyways, wees hopes you have a good week. I am just going to take a nap in my favOrite sun puddle!


  1. hee hee! We get worked up at that show with lots of kittens...we wanna know where they are!

  2. Well it looks like y'all are having a great time! Tell Mom the move was easy, we hired it done!!!

  3. That Winston is being really silly. That is pretty funny. Those animal planet shows are great. Good to see you two kitties too before the puter blows up. Hope you all have a great week.

  4. Looks like you are having a great day. Enjoy your sun puddles :)xx

  5. Wow, looks like you all have a lot going on at your place. Don't you just love the sun spots?
    Thanks for stopping by awhile back. I am sorry I haven't visited before but I gave mom the time off that she needed and now she is working for me a little. I am trying to catch up on all of my visits. I really like all of you bunches and look forward to becoming better friends.

  6. I was just listening to this and my husband goes "What is that???!!!" lol!! He heard it all the way across our condo!
    I am so sorry about your computer trouble and I hope it is rectified soon.
    I still need your mailing address! You were one of the winners of Science Diet!

  7. We thought we would stop by and stay "hello"!
    I'm Abby and I'm a manx.
    I have a coupla of brothers and sisters and we have a pretty good life in Florida.
    Take care and we hope your computer is fixed real soon (we know how painful that is!)

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  8. Hi Everyone! We are glad you are back for a little bit - but we are sorry your computer is all broken. We hope it is not for too long so you won't be away for too long (even though for us it isn't as long since we are always behind in visits). We love all the pictures and Chloe, Lola knows your pain of being the only girl because she was the only girl at our house for a long time - at one point the only girl with 4 other boys! But that does mean you are queen of the house - that is a bonus at least!

  9. Hope you get your 'puter fixed. Thank you for your concern for our Chica - she is improving bit by bit.

  10. I came over to see you too. I am a girl cat..a Tortie. Nice to see you beautiful furries. xoxox

  11. Hi! Fanks for bisitin me! It is furry nice to meet you gorgeous kitties!

  12. It looks like a great day! I wish we got some sunpuddles here, nothing but rain for me.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. Oh dear. Moma is worryin' now. You are the second family in less than a month who've had trouble with their apples. (We love 'em. To eat. And to blog. When Moma makes time for that.) Anyhow ... she was in despair, 'til she listened to you sing, Winston, and 'til she saw those beautiful kittiesibs of yours and could almost hear them purring through the monitor. You just succeeded in making her feel much much better.

    Happy Friday (we know ... we're a bit late ... catching up)
    Jake and Fergi