Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi, Winston, Chloe and Cecil here!

We have FIRED our secwetawy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeppers, she was given a write up when Winston's entry for Window Nose Art was not received by the Olympic Committee!! 
How many days ago was that..Let's see.... O*N*E !!!!!!

To our DISMAY...our entries in Synchronized Sleeping were not received by the committee!!!!  What the HECK???   She musta sent our entry forms to the wrong addy!!!   Do you nose how long we twained for that event????????
Day after Day, long agonizing hours of twaining!!  From early morning, right after breakky, all the way until she  handed out our measly treats..THEN.. after our skimpy dinner of kibble...we continued into the wee hours of night!!!

We were ready to pawticipate only to find out we were not entered!!!
She received her Pink Slip this morning!

 Our Mom has been demoted to our cook, water-dish washer and pooper scooper!

Iffin  you, or any one you nose,  is looking for employment please fill out this application. The pay is not very good but we do offer benefits, which include lots of licks, head buts, love, cuddles and undying loyalty (unless you make too many mistakes) !!!!!

 Now, without further complaining, we will show you are marvelous entries in Synchronized Sleeping!!

See the precision, our ears are purrfectly in synch!

Cecil must be dreaming he's eating an ice cream cone!

MOL!!!  Cecil sleeping in Winston's bed!!

  Well, we were sleeping until SHE came in wiff the flashy box!!

Good help is hard to find!
Sumtimes if you need a job done, it's easier to just do it yourself!!

Now to the good news!!  Since we were not entered, we went to the Olympic Stadium to cheer on our fellow athletes!

The Sleeping Event was fantabulous, the pawticipants worked tirelessly during their twaining!!
Please visit Oskar, the O- Fish -All  Judge for Single (and Synchronized)!

After the Sleeping Competition was over we had a little lunch..

..then wandered over to the Bouncing Event where another group of Superb Athletes gave their best performance for the countries they represented!  Not only were they required to show their athleticism BUTT were also required to write a little narrative for the spectator's enjoyment!! Please, Please visit Bouncing Bertie ( another handsome dude who looks like Winston!) and see the continuation of today's games!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Games 2012

 HI,  Chloe and Cecil here!!!

We were in the Pawrade of Athletes...we had so much fun meeting all the other pawticpants. Good Luck to All!!!

Today, we woke Mom up at the booty crack of dawn so we could go to the Olympic Stadium!!  We are entered in a few events butt today is our rest day so off we went to watch today's swim meet and window nose art competishuns!

 Each event has been AMAZING and we are in awe of all of the Athlete's!

First we saw the  2012 Swimming Competishun and contrary to poopular beleif, sum kitties like to swim!!!   Can you BELIEVE IT?????  Well itz true!!  You will NOT see us in the waters!!  No way, No how!!    We understand sum woffies (not our brofur) like to swim butt kitties in the water???!!! Anywho, it was a fun time watching the dedicated athletes glwide thorough the water!

Please, if you missed the swimming competishun, head over to Sarge's bloggy beclaws he has all the skinny ( not skinny dip), make sure you see all of today's events starting wiff the Minnows and ending wiff Whales!!   Oh, and you must see Puddles who is the official Lifeguard, Winston fell head over tails for that beauty!!

Next we wondered through the Olympic Village, did a little shopping then off to the Nose art Competishun!

Mom bought this lovely bracelet

Winston bought these to cheer on the pawticipants!

We bought this cool poster!

Our secwetawy (MOM) thought she entered Winston butt, as usual,  she must have messed up cuz his sorry self did not have an entry..MOL!!!!!!!  Since he has been sulking, wiff tail tucked, we will show his artwork!!   Gessssshhhhh  Winston, get over it!!!!!!

To see the Nose Art event, just head over to Jazzi's and take a looky loo! The talwent of these Awtists is seen in each amazing canvas!

Enjoy your  time at the Olympics...see you tomorrow!!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin!!

Yesserieeeee, Today is the DAY, what we have all been twaining and waiting for..LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

This morning the most Honorable Mayor Frankie gave his opening speech which was absotootlee amazing!
If you missed it, please go here!

Then, my oh my, the Pawrade of Athletes!!! The Pomp and Circumstance, the buff athletes, the commentary by Posie..Amazing wiff a capital A!!!!  Iffin you missed the pawrade, you can see the picshures here!

Next, over at Roo's we witnessed the Olympic Torch making it's travels to the Coliseum, then the Olympic Flame Lighting!  It was MAGNIFICENT!! You can also see a few...shall we say mishaps..or bloopers, which happened during our most stwenuous twaining!

The bestest fing..the Honorable Mayor Frankie said, WE ARE ALL WINNERS!!!  Thank you to Sarge for designing our Olympic Medal for 2012!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RIP Alex

Run Free at the Bridge, Sweet Alex. Until we all meet again. Blessings

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mancat Monday!

Hi, Cecil here!!

 Mom let me go outside..on the deck..ONLY!!!

She kept YELLING .."Cecil,  don't leave the deck"!

It didn't last for long butt I sure had a good time exploring!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Our secwetawy is a slackew!

Hi, Cecil here for Mancat Monday!

As usual, Winston has been getting all of the attenshion! He had the sickies..AGAIN..last week.
He even had to go to the ER!!! 
I nose he didn't fweel well, and I used every opportunity to box him on the nose, butt I didn't think he was THAT sick until Mom FREAKED and wisked him off to the Dogtor!!

I'm happy to report, he is doing better and NOW the attenshion can be focused on ME!!

Beclaws he had the sickies, Mom bought him a new bed!!  MOL,   look who is sleeping in dat bed..ME!!!!!
Suck it up ButterCup!!!!   I'm the King of this house!!!