Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Weekend

Hi, it's me Cecil,
We are still in Lubeland, with Daddy, but we told Mom she could have the 'puter for a few days.
We were having sooooo much fun watching our HD, Birdie TV that Mom said we did not have to go back to the city!
We luv's it up here 'cuz we can chase each other up and down the stairs! Also, we have so much fun 'cuz there are two doors in the bafroom and I can chase Chloe around, and around in circles..her tail get's weal bushy..HaHaHa!!!
Mom does not like when I leave my tools in the kitchen,
I better put them away!
I am not supposed to be up here..but I am so cute who is going
to stop me!!!
Mom always says "Chloe is a good girl, she does not get on the counter"
Blah Blah Blah.....

Time for some HD TV!
Where is that birdie, or the bunny?
After a long day, it is so nice to have a comfy place on Daddy's legs!

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