Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hi, It's me Chloe!

It's me Chloe, it is my turn to introduce myself. I am Cecil's sista (not weally..we are cousins) but I think of him as my bro.
He's da silly one and I am da quiet one. I like to pway but he always hogs the feather or the mousie. He gets on my nerves sometimes!
Before HE moved in, I had Mom and Dad all to myself..then HE CAME!  Weally, he was purdy cute so I liked him right away but  shhhhhhhh don't tell him!

Mom has to go to work again tomorrow..but da nexest day she will be home with us!

This weekend we get to go to Lubland.....did I tell you I do not like to ride in the car? I used to, before Cecil came..but he makes sooo much noise that I have to tune in too. Sumtimes my throat hurts from crying all the way there. Mom tries to turn up the radio and play that Bluegrass but dat doesn't help.  Would you like to listen to Bluegrass for the hour car ride?  We don't!

I will not sit still for a picture!
Mom thinks Cecil is so smart but I am too!
I will leave you wit dis,

Sometimes you're the windshield; sometimes you're the bug.

- Mark Knopfler.


  1. Hi there Chloe. You sure are cute. We think you are smart too. Glad the Mom is going to be there to snuggle with you today.That sounds like a very loud drive to Lubland. Sorry your throat is sore. Take care.

  2. Yes, as a matter of fact, Chloe, I would love to listen to bluegrass for a whole hour car ride. :o) Maybe Mom will add it so I can listen while I visit your blog. Then, again, it's YOUR blog. Consider yourself scratched wherever you like to be scratched, that is, IF you like to be scratched.