Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holy Guacamole..she did it again!

Yep, that's hooman forgotted it was my birthday. 

Yesterday I turned FIVE!
FIVE is a milestone!
Did I get a nip treat...NO
Did I get a new toy....NO
Did I get the SHAFT...YES!!!

Oh, she has her excuses...WORK..Working late, the cold weather..

Blah, Blah, Blah...


Hint.. Hint,  MOM this is what I want...a new nip toy!

Happy Birthday to ME!



  1. Oh, Cecil, happy, happy birthday! We can't believe your human forgot! She'd better bring plenty of treats and nip toys for you today, or Monday if you live in an area where stores actually close on Sunday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Cecil!! Elebenty demerits for your Mom...and you deserve an ENTIRE tuna!

  3. How in the WORLD could your Mom do that to you? That's inexcusable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You want a new nip toy? Guess what? I'm having a give-away tomorrow where you can win one!!!

  4. Oh man.... Cecil I am sorry... Us humans stink sometimes, but I am sure you mom didn't mean to hurt your feelings....

    Five is awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. We hope by now that forgiveness has been begged, amends have been made, and birthday wishes have been granted. Just remember that we furries have been sent to try and improve the lot of humanity... forgive them their inadequacies. Happy Birthday wishes, belatedly, for all of the wonder and bounty of the Universe.

  6. Happy Belated burfday!

    Love your friend,