Saturday, August 4, 2012

RIP Aimée

This was to be my post, scheduled for this morning.

Copied from Brian's page.

Unfortunately, our sweet friend, Aimee, has left our world to travel to the Rainbow Bridge.

My heart is breaking for her mother, Marilia, she needs our support today and in the days to come. Please stop by and give her some love.

~ Chloe, Cecil, Winston and Mom Shawn~


  1. We just saw the sad news and went to leave our purrs. :-(

    Now our human is crying, partly for the passing of Aimeée and partly because these crossings often trigger the grief of her own losses.

  2. I just saw that too and I so hated to see that news. So very, very sad.

  3. We´re so sad about the lost of Aimée... thanks to the sweet words on your blog and the tribute.
    Hugs, Marilia

  4. We are sad that Aimee has gone to the Bridge. Purrs to her family.