Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wheely Wednesday!

Copied from the slobbery Winston's Bloggie!

Wheely Wednesday

We have a new family member!   All the way from Ioooooway!

The Welcome Committee

Sylvia, Rocky and little Peanut are checking things out.

 First round of butt sniffin'.

 Whatcha think Cecil?

Hmmmm, smells OK!

I'm going in.....

I have my eye on you!

Sylvia, why does this thing have booties on?

Geeeeeesh, Not another one!!!

Cecil, we have to stick together..obviously Chloe won't be any help against these Wheelies!

WooHoo..We out number the furrs!!!!!!!!!

As of now, this new addition does not have a name.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Woohoo! We're gonna need to come visit ASAP upon our return to Colorado!! Welcome wheeled one!

    Jake and Fergi and the whole wheeled and wheeless constituency.

  2. that's the BEST kind of family member...it's "BARK-FREE!"

  3. We liked how you welcomed your new friends!! Butt-sniffing was very appropriate!!

  4. Welcome, new Wheelie Boy (or Girl?) Everyone will be friends in no time at all...but first a name

  5. Those Wheelies are way too cute. Love those kind of new animals arriving, they don't eat and they don't use the potty. What could be better. Have a great evening.