Monday, July 9, 2012

Our secwetawy is a slackew!

Hi, Cecil here for Mancat Monday!

As usual, Winston has been getting all of the attenshion! He had the sickies..AGAIN..last week.
He even had to go to the ER!!! 
I nose he didn't fweel well, and I used every opportunity to box him on the nose, butt I didn't think he was THAT sick until Mom FREAKED and wisked him off to the Dogtor!!

I'm happy to report, he is doing better and NOW the attenshion can be focused on ME!!

Beclaws he had the sickies, Mom bought him a new bed!!  MOL,   look who is sleeping in dat bed..ME!!!!!
Suck it up ButterCup!!!!   I'm the King of this house!!!


  1. Poor Winston, be nice to the woofie, you got his bed after all!

  2. We're sorry Winston isn't feeling well and is getting all the attention. Now that he's doing better, maybe you'll get some attention too!

  3. Oh Wow! Your hairy slobbery brother gots sick and yous gets a new bed! Bonus!
    PS me hopes Winston feels better soon

  4. Yes! You´re the king of your house!

  5. Poor Winston! You ARE going to let him have his bed back eventually, right?