Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Games 2012

 HI,  Chloe and Cecil here!!!

We were in the Pawrade of Athletes...we had so much fun meeting all the other pawticpants. Good Luck to All!!!

Today, we woke Mom up at the booty crack of dawn so we could go to the Olympic Stadium!!  We are entered in a few events butt today is our rest day so off we went to watch today's swim meet and window nose art competishuns!

 Each event has been AMAZING and we are in awe of all of the Athlete's!

First we saw the  2012 Swimming Competishun and contrary to poopular beleif, sum kitties like to swim!!!   Can you BELIEVE IT?????  Well itz true!!  You will NOT see us in the waters!!  No way, No how!!    We understand sum woffies (not our brofur) like to swim butt kitties in the water???!!! Anywho, it was a fun time watching the dedicated athletes glwide thorough the water!

Please, if you missed the swimming competishun, head over to Sarge's bloggy beclaws he has all the skinny ( not skinny dip), make sure you see all of today's events starting wiff the Minnows and ending wiff Whales!!   Oh, and you must see Puddles who is the official Lifeguard, Winston fell head over tails for that beauty!!

Next we wondered through the Olympic Village, did a little shopping then off to the Nose art Competishun!

Mom bought this lovely bracelet

Winston bought these to cheer on the pawticipants!

We bought this cool poster!

Our secwetawy (MOM) thought she entered Winston butt, as usual,  she must have messed up cuz his sorry self did not have an entry..MOL!!!!!!!  Since he has been sulking, wiff tail tucked, we will show his artwork!!   Gessssshhhhh  Winston, get over it!!!!!!

To see the Nose Art event, just head over to Jazzi's and take a looky loo! The talwent of these Awtists is seen in each amazing canvas!

Enjoy your  time at the Olympics...see you tomorrow!!!



  1. We are off to see all the swimmers!

  2. What fun, what fun, what fun!

  3. You kitties look great in red, white, and blue!

    Your pal, PIp

  4. We are really enjoying all the Olympics, humans and blogville. It is so much fun seeing the doggies and kitties doing their things. Have a great Sunday