Sunday, January 8, 2012

You could have knocked us over with a feather!

We are surprised beyond belief!

Our friend, Luxington the Cat,  gave us an award. OUR VERY FIRST!!!  Can you believe it? We are still in shock and feel as if we have been Wiffin the NIP!

Holy Moly..YIPPEEEE!

We can't thank Lux enough for thinking about us!

To meow the least, we are in shock and very humbled!

It's extra pawsome because "Liebster"
means "favorite" or "beloved" in German.

Once you've received this award you must:
  1. Link back to the blogger that gave you the award (Cick here to visit Luxington's bloggy)
  2. Put the award on your blog
  3. Choose 5 blogs (with fewer than 200 followers*) to pass the award to
    *We used the number of followers on "Google Friend Connect" for this
  4. Let the recipients know about their award by leaving a comment on their blog.

Iffin you know our secretary, you know how she feels about choosing bloggies to give awards to,  she thinks evfurryone should get an award!!!  Butt, because this goes to those who have less than 200 followers, she said she will make a attempt to follow the rules.  Wow, novel idea, cuz she is not a rule follower!
Anywhoo, here goes:

  1.     Head on over for a visit with the one, and only, Princess Jasmine and Simba!
  2.   The Sherwood Bunch, seven darlings that will melt your heart.
  3.  Look at Raymond and Busby, they kinda look like us..BeaYouTeaFul!
  4. A visit with theses North Carolina Beauties will put a smile on your face!
  5.  Penelope, Kozmo and their DOGGY siblings will entertain you!

Fank You sooooo mucho, Lux!

Chloe and Cecil


    1. Congratulations you sweet kitties! You are tops in my book!

    2. Oh My! me is honored to gets the Liebster Award from yous guys! Thanks yous guys!

    3. ConCATulations on your award! We lubs you guys, and your new header photo is great!

    4. Congratulations on your award, we hope you can collect many more.

      gussie n teka

    5. Hello! It's nice to meet you! Congrats on your award. woo woo woo!

    6. Congrats on the very nice award! We all think you are very special!

    7. Congrats to you! I remember when I got my very first one.

    8. Congrats to you on your first award!!! And thank you for passing it on to us.

    9. Congrats on your first award! And you passed it on to some great bloggers!! YAY!

    10. We are absocately honored to give you your first award!!! XOXO! Purrs and headbutts!

    11. YAY!!!! Congrats on your award!!!!! You sooooooooooo deserve it!

    12. A huge congrats to you. You sure deserve that award. Good for you. You also picked some great blogs to receive it. Well done. Take care.

    13. Hugs to you guys !!!! Concatulation !!!!
      Pawsome to have friends like you two : )

    14. Thanks to the visit!!!!
      I really like your blog too!
      Marilia & Bavarescats