Thursday, August 4, 2011

Twip to Bowa Bowa!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, Chloe hewe:

Mees so excited to go to Bowa Bowa wit Gwacie!    You see  hew Mom has bean vewy busy dis summew and Gwacie decided to go on bacation until hew Mom pewson can helps wit da bloggy ting again! stawted packing  bags..wondew ifin me has woom in da bag fow dis magazine?

Hey you wanta go to Bowa Bowa?
Count me in!!!

A twip to Bowa Bowa would be fun!
Wees, will eben ask Winston 'cuz he iz  a Tahitian dancew fwom way back!
Yepper's dats Winston!
Youse want to see his face?
He be vewy handsomes!

Ouw plwane leabes eawly in da mowning fow fun in da SUN, welaxation, dancing until da moo cows come home and eating da wondewful food in Bowa Bowa!

Pack youse baggies and come wit us!!!


  1. Y'all look great...hey, we're gonna play some nip volley ball later!

  2. All of you look ready to go. Hurry up, we are doing donkey rides with Joe the donkey. We will see you when you get there. Take care.

  3. Poor Winston. You guys just don't respect him.


  4. Well, if you need help getting to Bora Bora, let us know. And send us an email address if you do. It's really nice here and we're all having fun.

  5. You will all be the life of the party! Maybe Winston can give dance lessons after the bonfire one evening! Don't forget to pack your sunscreen!

  6. You all look ready for Bora Bora! See you there!!

  7. That pawty on the tropical island looked like it was fery fun!!! Did you all pack the sunscreen?? I hope that no one got sunburned? I will send wooo some ice cubes if woo need them to cool down.

    Slobbers from Ruger

  8. Wow, everyone looks amazing! I bet that's one pawesome adventure!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP