Sunday, August 7, 2011

My #1 excuse to not make the bed!

Hi, Mom here:

I was taught to make my bed the first thing every morning, normally I follow Mardele's (my mom) Golden Rule.

Every once in a while, there has to be an exception. 

My #1 Excuse for not following Mardele's Golden Rule is........

Would you interrupt these sweeties?

Me neither!


  1. Yup, that bed making can sure wait for a little while. It works like that around here too. You kids just stay comfy and if Mom disturbs you, you let us know. Take care.

  2. Works here too.

    Teka gets us up and on the road by 6:00 am..Then she comes back, eats about a third of her breakfast, and goes back to bed - after carefully rearranging the pillows. Love the critters.

  3. never in a million, zillion years would I interrupt them! Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

    Cody is you know he NEVER sleeps on the bed (unless I am in it), even then, he comes in to be petted and then leaves.

    Bobo ALWAYS slept on the bed!

  4. No way
    sometimes wooles have to be bwoken
    they look way too comfy to be distoowbed
    smoochie kisses

  5. Unmade beds are just the comfiest places. Me and Simba love to snuggle up to the humps and bumps too :)xx

  6. My Sis will love it, If I go for her bed and she don't need to make a bed : )

    Love your last photo, who dare to make da bed ..heh..heh

  7. Heehee! Our mom has that same problem!!

  8. My mom always told me to make the bed in the morning too but I rarely did. I always figured I'm gonna crawl right back in there in a little while anyways, so what's the point? The only time I usually make it is when I change the bed sheets. Shiver LOVES to help me change them but he makes it take a lot longer and much more work. But that's part of his charm.

    I think your reason for not doing is just perfect!

  9. That's the way it works at our house too!

  10. Let resting furbabies lie, momma always says! But no Sunday brunch in bed?

  11. hehe, if those sweeties are anything like Lux they wouldn't let you make the bed anyway!

  12. Love it! I have the same problem. I can't not make the bed. Alex doesn't understand and sometimes just lays there as I try. I take him for a magic quilt ride as I make it with him on it....

  13. Oh yeah, trying to remove that cat might get scary if their like my kitty sisters.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Hehe. We've sorta figured out how to make the same situation here. Even Fergi stayed in bed this morning, and that is a first! (I"m a pro!)

    See you soon? Hope so!
    Jake (and Fergs)