Saturday, July 2, 2011

Luau and Pool Pawty

Hey efurryone, It's time for da Pool Pawty over at the Fiesty Three's house!

We all decided to make da twip to Honororo for a Luau and Pool Pawty, you can go visit Fiesty Three and see all da goings on!

Winston finally made da twip down fwom Loveland, he got his pawty duds on and is weady to join in da funs.

Does he look like a Tahitian warrior?

Let's get this PAWTY started!
Chloe woke fwom hew naps and put on hew pawty clothes.  Even though she's a giwl, she weally don't like to dwess up!  She likes da "Come as you Awe" Pawty.

Even Sylvia wanted to come along fow da festivities.

Hope you having as much fun as we awe!


  1. OMG those photos are hilarious!!! Have a great time! BTW I agree with Chloe! lol

  2. You two both look fabulous! There's a doggie and kitty buffet out by the pool that's out of this world - burgers, peanut butter bones, fresh tuna, and nip-dipped fries.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. MOL..I'm so glad I'm born as a cat..Ha..Ha..Mr. Doggie !

  4. We were laffin at Winston, and then we saw Chloe!
    We bet y'all are gonna have a great time!

  5. Y'all sure do look so luau festive fur sure!!!